Saturday, 28 May 2011

Interactive map of Japan for Children

Ok, it is all pretty much there now. I'm early finishing this final piece which is something that does not happen often. So now this is done I can polish up all my other works that have to be submitted for Friday the 5th.
Anyway, here we are .. some of my images of Mizuki on her noodle dragon in search of the Makura Gaeshi, to find her pillow that he stole.
It is all now in a webpage form, but I will upload the images of those seperatley when it has had its last

Torii Gates - Kyoto

Mount Fuji

Makura Gaeshi sneaks into the house

Flying of into the Japan moonlit sky

Makura Gaesha steals pillow
Mzuki- lantern festival Yokohama
More to come soon!

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