Sunday, 15 May 2011

First Blog Post - about me and "The Begining of the end... of injustice"

So hey there!
My name is Anna, I am currently studying Illustration and Animation at Loughborough university in the UK . I thought it was about time that I set up a blog as it's a savy thing to do to let people know what im up to with my work.

You can also find me on Flickr and Deviantart ( of which ill put up the information in my profile shortly).
One thing you will find with me as an illustrator is that I tend to have a few different styles. I am experianced in digital (CG) and traditional media's including crafting textiles, painting, drawing, and traditional animating methods.

So what have I been up to recently then?

Okay well, these past few weeks have been a bit manic with the work load. It's coming up to the end of this semester and assesment is looming.
I have worked on an animaton with other illustrators in my year about the injustice of sweatshops in thrid world countries. The animation was about  letting retailers know that people care for the situation and that in order to change their ways it was up to us the consumer to make a stand and say "we want fairtrade". The animation was getting across that you needed to make your favourite label count.

This is poster (left) is not the final image, as we touched it up more on the computers in studio to make it clearer. But you can see from this the idea for our animation. The camera would pan across following the stitchline, with sound effects of a sewing machine.
"Chances are..the person..who made...your clothes... was not...paid cover the costs...of simply this ...fair?"

We then animated the fair label, to fly like a firefly excitedly going across the scene, creating a phrase as it passes to read " let the retailer know you care"
 The label then flew off to be joined by other labels that glowed and formed the shape of a light bulb. This initiated that in order to change, it was up to the mass of the consumer.

We are yet to tweak or edit the final thing, as from our critique we had, some of the lettering needs to be clearer still :)

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