Found this on a friends journal thought i would share the video as it is well put together and hilarious! 

Just how much more realistic do you thinking games can get!? Assassins creed has always been on top when it has come down to game art and graphics. Taking a look at this really demonstrates that it has come even further still and is it possible to even get better than this? Only one factor that I find could be worked on more is the faces, as they are less realistic compared to the near live footage look alike graphics.
Absolutely incredible, there is no doubt this game will win awards just like it previous games in the series.
This is out on November the 15th (as what I have heard so far) , I shall definitely be wanting to play this!

1st June. Saw this in my feed today on Facebook. Thought I would share it. It just tickled me !

Today, I was taking a break from working as I had met a deadline and was watching Home Alone on TV. The adverts came on and I saw this advert!
Jus tickled me. A car company can try make their product look as swish as they want with all these high tech looking ads but sometimes theres nothing better than something simple and funny like this. :)