Thursday, 12 January 2012

pause life animation

This is a campaign about battling depression together. The animation is using retro gaming as a platform to reach young males.Men find it harder to share problems with each other and keep issues to themselves. These problems can build up which leads to the person feeling totally hopeless in life.
The basis of my whole project stemmed from the concept of being either free or trapped, looking at a quote from ken keseys book " One Flew Over The Cuckoos's Nest" . I looked into what people experience for themselves what would make them feel trapped ... the most common answer was the inability to think, speak and talk. Or a problem that was blocking their way of freedom.
This lead me to think about depression as a mental illness.. the inability to progress with life because of stemmed life issues. In some cases (particularly males) they find it harder to communicate and talk with one another as much as they should. In mental health and the cure of depression in mental illness, it is important to share, even if its just with a friend.

I chose to narrow it down into a campaign with animation that uses a web banner as a viral advertisement.
Once clicking on the viral, you would be lead to this animation. Its a fun short optimistic look on a situation using gaming, where the young male audience and can relate to.

(this is not an official nhs or mind production _ this is for educational purposes only for a project)

TO watch please find my video here :

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